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Cover Reveal: Jet by Jay Crownover

Title: Jet (Marked Men #2)
Author: Jay Crownover
Release date: May 28, 2013 (ebook, paperback available in fall) - EARLY!!!!
Genre: New Adult / Contemporary Romance

Hey, everyone! It's Kelli again and I'm so excited to be part of the Jet cover reveal! If you're like me and loved Jet almost as much as Rule, then you're super stoked that he's getting his own book. Jay promises he's going to be "one hell of a good time", so I can't wait until I get my hands on it.



With his tight leather pants and a sharp edge that makes him dangerous, Jet Keller is every girl’s rock and roll fantasy. But Ayden Cross is done walking on the wild side with bad boys. She doesn’t want to give in to the heat she sees in Jet’s dark, haunted eyes. She’s afraid of getting burned from the sparks of their spontaneous combustion, even as his touch sets her on fire.
Jet can’t resist the Southern Belle with mile-long legs in cowboy boots who defies his every expectation. Yet the closer he feels to Ayden, the less he seems to know her. While he’s tempted to get under her skin and undo her in every way, he knows firsthand what happens to two people with very different ideas about relationships.
Will the blaze burn into an enduring love. . . or will it consume their dreams and turn them to ashes?
Jet is available for pre-order on all outlets and you can find links over at her Facebook page.
Jay's Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/ZTQVtg

Cover Reveal: Beauty from Surrender (Beauty #2) by Georgia Cates

 photo BeautyFromSurrender_zpsc0a6a0f2.jpg  
Title: Beauty from Surrender (Beauty #2)
Author: Georgia Cates
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Cover Designer: Georgia Cates
Expected release date: May 30, 2013

 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus_zpsa971cb04.png

  The story of Jack Henry and Laurelyn continues... How do you move on when he’s every song you sing? After Laurelyn Prescott walks away from the love of her life, she returns to Nashville to pursue the only dream she has left. Determined to find a distraction from the pain of losing Jack Henry, she immerses herself in her music. But with her old life comes old acquaintances and new expectations. When Laurelyn refuses her record producer’s outrageous demands, she finds herself without a career—until an unforeseen opportunity presents itself. From there it’s a rocket ride straight to the top where Laurelyn finds the success she’s always dreamed of. Will it be enough to bring her the happiness she so deserves, or will the absence of Jack Henry leave her wanting more? Jack Henry McLachlan never expected to fall in love with Laurelyn Prescott—but he did. After he foolishly let her slip through his fingers, he spends three months searching for her, but their reunion doesn’t come easy. The woman he finds isn’t the same one who drifted away without a goodbye. No longer an insecure girl on an Australian adventure, this Laurelyn is a successful musician with a promising career. Her dreams are becoming a reality, and Jack is terrified his American girl won’t have a place for him in her new life. With only a month to convince her otherwise, will it be enough time to make her visualize a life beyond the glitz and glamour, a life that includes him?

  About the Author
 photo GeorgiaCatesProfilePicToEmail_zps11a21cef.jpg Georgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before deciding to pursue her dream of becoming an author. Despite the struggle, she has no regrets in her decision to try this crazy life. She can honestly say that she’s living the dream.

 photo AToMRTours_zpse9017e91.jpg

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Cover Reveal: Until I Break by M. Leighton

 photo UNTILIBREAK4-8_zps46e186f3.jpg

Title: Until I Break (A Twisted Novel)
Author: M. Leighton
Publisher: M. Leighton
Release date: May 14, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Cover reveal organized by: AToMR Tours

 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus_zpsa971cb04.png 
  Laura Drake is an author. She writes bestselling paranormal romances that continue to top the charts. She is sharp. She is confident. She is in control. And she doesn’t exist. Samantha Jansen is the woman behind the wig, the woman most of the world doesn’t know exists. She is shy. She is insecure. She is nothing like her main character or her alter ego. She is scarred—deeply scarred—by a past she can’t let go of and a present she can’t make peace with. Samantha’s dreams are consumed by one man, the broken hero from her books. Mason Strait is both her wildest fantasy and her most terrifying nightmare. When Samantha meets Alec Brand, a corporate consultant, it is as though Mason has come to life. Alec is handsome to a fault, as elegant as he is arrogant, and more intense than any man has a right to be. Samantha is soon sucked into a world that mirrors the fiction she writes. Just like her main character, Daire Kirby, Samantha finds herself unable to resist the forbidden lure of Alec. And just like Daire, she also finds that she is faced with taking a chance on a man who could either set her free or destroy her. The scale tilts toward destruction when Samantha finds out that Alec is as much a work of fiction as Mason. And he has scars of his own, scars that could ruin them both.   

About the Author:

 photo MLeightonatdesk_zps84b82fec.jpg New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, M. Leighton, is a native of Ohio. She relocated to the warmer climates of the South, where she can be near the water all summer and miss the snow all winter. Possessed of an overactive imagination from early in her childhood, Michelle finally found an acceptable outlet for her fantastical visions: literary fiction. Having written over a dozen novels, these days Michelle enjoys letting her mind wander to more romantic settings with sexy Southern guys, much like the one she married and the ones you'll find in her latest books. When her thoughts aren't roaming in that direction, she'll be riding wild horses, skiing the slopes of Aspen or scuba diving with a hot rock star, all without leaving the cozy comfort of her office.

   photo AToMRTours_zpse9017e91.jpg

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Character Interview & Giveaway: Stormy Surrender by Nicole Andrews Moore

Sometimes the life you planned isn't the one you get to live. Sometimes the pain of the past overshadows the future. And sometimes to start over you have to go back to where it all began. That’s how it was for Joe Masters. That’s how he ended up back in New Hope. And that’s why he was in his thirties and had nothing to show for his life. He needed a complete overhaul, just like his father’s old house. Instead of a fast track, he had slowed down and was on a ten year plan. These days that was more his speed. And as much as he tried to fight the inevitable, he was learning to accept and surrender.

Martha had weathered her fair share of storms in Vermont, was accustomed to the cold, both the chill in the air and the cold shoulder in her marriage, but after the miscarriage she felt like she would never get warm again. So she did the research from the laptop while sitting in front of the fireplace. She knew what she needed when she Googled hope, she just never imagined that it would bring her to New Hope, South Carolina. She never imagined that her husband would trick her into leaving and never follow. She never imagined that a southern storm with all its force and fury could be so destructive. But after the storm, the land is washed clean. It’s perfect for a fresh start, a clean slate, and a new love.

Buy Links:

Character Interview: Blaine (ex-husband)

NAM: So, nice of you to stop by for an interview, Blaine.

Blaine: Well, I really wanted the chance to tell my side of the story. Will this take long? I have a liposuction to perform in a few hours.

NAM: I’ll try to keep it brief. Let’s see…how long have you been having an affair with Suzette?

Blaine: My lawyer has advised me not to discuss the nature of my relationship with my office manager.

NAM: Okay. Now if we can’t talk about Suzette, are we allowed to discuss Martha? I found it to be really interesting that she was pregnant for your child while you were clearly involved in a relationship with Suzette.

Blaine: I’m pretty sure that would fall under the list of items that I can’t discuss. Next topic.

NAM: What if we talk about something I know you love talking about? Tell me a little about yourself.

Blaine: *smiling widely* I am the plastic surgeon behind the highly regarded Burlington Surgical Solutions. The practice is nearly five years old and consistently growing. We offer both surgical and non-surgical procedures to help the patient achieve the desired results. Our laser services are gaining popularity because there is no down time. Procedures can be done over a lunch break and the pricing is very affordable.

NAM: It seems like this is the kind of practice that would flourish pretty much anywhere. Is there a reason that you wouldn't want to move it to a city like Charlotte where there is a much larger population with that kind of disposable income?

Blaine: * sigh* It wasn't Charlotte that was the problem. It was Marti. I didn't want the marriage anymore.

NAM: Did the marriage become more of a problem before or after you started seeing Suzette?

Blaine: After. Shit. That was off the record, right?

NAM: Doctor, there is no off the record. This is an interview. By nature it is on the record.

Blaine: Then this interview is finished.

NAM: What do you say to those readers who want to see you get what’s coming to you?

Blaine: I already have everything I deserve. I’m rich. I’m successful. And I am fortunate to have found love a second time.

NAM: I wasn't aware you had found love a first time.

Blaine: Martha was…never mind.

NAM: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Blaine: I haven’t given that much thought. *stiffly turns and walks out the door*

NAM: Clearly.

 About the author…

Nicki has lived in Charlotte, North Carolina with her children for the past eleven years and her husband for the past three years.  Her journey has barely begun and she loves every minute of it.  Every day of her life seems to bring new adventures, some bigger, better, shinier and prettier than others.  She's still getting used to that new life smell she's experiencing, a combination of hope, love, and happiness.  (The perfect scents to build a new life on...)

For fun, she spends time with those she cares about, cooks, reads, writes, and especially lives to travel.  The current travel goal: visit every Margaritaville.  Two down!  (Eleven to go?)

In addition to writing on Suddenly Single Journey, Nicki is a contributor for Project Underblog.  Her writing can also be found on Shine, where she is a Shine Parenting Guru and an award winning Yahoo! Contributor on YourWisdom as the relationship and dating expert.  And she has been published by McClatchy News in their syndicated papers.

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Review - Playing Patience by Tabatha Vargo

Title: Playing Patients
Author: Tabatha Vargo
Release date: April 25, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Buy Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CIYSEUO/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk

Sometimes all you need is Patience.

Life’s been hard for Zeke. Being a punching bag for his alcoholic father has turned him into stone. Not even the dodgy trailer park he lives in can scare him. Fighting is his release and sex, drugs, and his guitar bring him peace, but deep down Zeke isn't quite as hard as he makes himself out to be. When he meets Patience, she finds all his broken pieces and puts him back together, but she’s a ray of light in his shadowed life and the last thing he wants to do is bring her into his dark world. Playing careless is easy, playing the bad guy can be fun, but playing Patience is impossible, especially when she can see right through him. 

Zeke isn't the only one who’s broken, and for the first time, in a long time, Patience feels alive. Her black and white world gets a shot of color when she meets Zeke. He’s unlike anyone she’s ever met with his tattoos, piercings, and blunt honesty. She wants nothing more than to let go and ride the wild side with him, but some wounds never heal and the broken pieces of Patience aren't so easy to find.

***Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and violence. Mature readers only. Not intended for young adult readers.***

Alpha's Authors & Book Oh My was provided an ARC for an honest review.

My Thoughts: 

Rating - 4.5 
Cover - 4.5 - sexy and I love the red contrast with the B&W photo
Character Development - 4.5
Steam Factor - 3.5 - HOT sexual buildup, sexy scenes toward end 
Favorite Character - Zeke of course 
Audience - It skirts the line of YA/NA so 18+
Ending - HEA & no cliffhangers YAY!!

This book was a really great read. It was full of sadness, heartache, tension, passion, & growth. On the surface you have the stereotypical rich good girl and sexy bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. But underneath you have two people more alike than they realize through secrets they keep buried within. 

Zeke is a cocky, asshatish, partyboy rocker. He goes to school enough to slide by, practices with his band and then parties until he can't stand up. He doesn't plan to change because he thinks that is all he is made of. Patience is sweet, strong, and fiercely loyal but broken soccer star. She goes to school and then wears her self out with sports to keep her mind off her problems. 

As soon as the two meet you start seeing the subtle changes in both of them. I loved seeing both of them grow and change during the book. Even though they didn't know it they helped each other overcome their past so they could move on to the future and start healing. 

I don't want to say much more and give anything away. Just trust me when I say it was a great book and that you need to read it..lol And the best part about it is it had an HEA!! The only thing I could complain about is I would have liked a longer epilogue but that is it.

Kelli's Thoughts: 

Whew!I definitely needed to fan myself several times while reading Playing Patience. It's filled with intensity, tension, and passion. 

The formula for this book isn't new, but it still works and keeps you absorbed in the lives of Patience and Zeke. I admit her name drove me crazy at first, but as the story goes on, it seems very fitting. She's the rich girl, the governor's daughter and she's hiding some big secrets. He's the tattooed, rocker, bad boy who's literally from the trailer park with secrets of his own. The meeting between them was accidental and less than perfect and that's what made it memorable. She comes across as having the perfect life and initially makes their relationship strained and rocky. Through several encounters we watch them struggle with their emotions, secrets, and feelings for each other. Neither know the other is broken. Neither realize for some time that they fit together perfectly.

I really enjoyed Playing Patience. I am a sucker for bad boys and Zeke is no different. Gimme the tattooed, rocker with a sweet side and I swoon! The sexual tension between him and Patience is off the charts, scorching hot. There is a lot going on in this book and I wasn't sure how things were going to play out since it's quite a short read. The build up is fabulous and once they "reveal" their secrets, things really start to take off toward the insane. The big moment left me stunned. I honestly didn't see it coming! If I had any complaints, they'd be that Patience's "issue" was resolved pretty easily considering what she went through. The other was the super short epilogue. Is it so wrong to want more??

I'd actually rate this 4.5 stars, deducting half stars for the two issues I mentioned above. It's a really fun and adorable story.

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Cover Reveal: Love Square by Jessica Ingro!

Title: Love Square
Author: Jessica Ingro
Tentative Release Date: July 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: Cover It! Designs

A love triangle gone bad...

He was the one guy I couldn't get enough of. One look from him would make me melt. He was the one I always wanted to love me, but always seemed so far away. Now he stands before me and he's turning my world upside down. 

At one time I would have done anything to be close to him. But will that anything include betraying the man I pledged myself to and that loves me faithfully?

Samantha Monroe had it all. Or at least everyone thought she did. A career on the rise, a gorgeous husband, great friends and a beautiful home. So why does she feel so alone and empty? When she reconnects with an old flame, lines are tested and compromises made in a quest for happiness.

Jacob Matthews always wondered what happened to Sam Monroe. When fate brings them together after all these years, he can't help but wonder if it’s meant to be. But when he meets his perfect woman, there is no doubt in his mind she's his soul mate.

Will the search for happiness cost them everything or will their love square show them what really matters?

Exclusive Excerpt:

**Disclaimer: This content is unedited and subject to change**

I awake and slowly blink the sleep out of my eyes. The sun is fading, casting dark shadows in the room. I turn my head to see I’m alone in the bed. Lying on my stomach, staring non-seeing into the room, I remember how exquisitely fucked I was just a few hours ago.

The feel of his hard body over me and his cock moving in and out of me, the sweat dripping off him as we both came. I feel myself get turned on all over again, and he isn’t even here touching me. Then I remember his muted words spoken right before I fell asleep.

I want you to know I would have waited another sixteen years to be able to feel that with you again.”

I’m finding it hard to believe that Jacob could rescue me from the prison I’ve put myself in over the years, living the life of someone other than whom I feel I should be. Even if that is my true wish, wishes don’t always come true.

The hotel room door opens and Jacob walks in carrying a couple bottles of water from a vending machine, setting them on a side table. He looks yummy as he walks to the bed with a wide smile on his face. Sitting next to me on the edge of the bed, he bends down and kisses my shoulder and down my naked spine, stopping where the sheet lies just above my ass.

“Hey, sleepyhead.” He murmurs in between those drugging kisses. My legs start to stir beneath the sheet and I’m tempted to take another ride before I have to leave.

“Hi. If you keep doing that, you’re not going to be able to stop me from having my wicked way with you again and I need to leave soon.” I sigh with frustration.

“Maybe that’s exactly what I want.” Running a finger up and down my spine, he stretches out next to me.

“I’m sure it is, but I have stuff to get done before I’m back on the road in a few days. I warned you I didn’t have much time but I would do my best to make this work.”

“It feels like I just got you back, and now you have to go away again. I’d much rather see your beautiful face, instead of dreaming of it. Will you have time to sneak away again before you fly out?”

“I’m not sure. We’ll have to play it by ear. I don’t know how much I have to give you, Jacob. And I’m not just talking about my time either. I’ve been going down this lonely path for a while now and I’m not sure where it’s left me. Regardless of what we did today, I am still a married woman with commitments and responsibilities.” I hate bringing up this fact, but I need the reminder out there that this isn’t a fairytale. Its real life, and its messy.

He leans over and thoroughly kisses me before murmuring, “I know. And I’ll take whatever I can get with you. It’s better than having none of you.”

With that parting blow, he kisses me one last time, grabs his keys and heads out.

“Text me later, baby. I’ll be waiting.”

I sure hope I know what I’m doing, because it feels as though things are going to get extremely complicated.

Author Bio:

Jessica grew up in Central New York. She spends her days as a Security Analyst at an IT consulting company. She spends her free time reading books and developing ideas for her own stories. Writing is her secret passion that she’s been fostering since elementary school, when she wrote her first book about a puppy. Writing has always been one of her secret dreams and she can't wait to share her stories with the world.

She currently lives in New York with her husband and three dogs.

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Breach by K.I. Lynn

Title: Breach
Author: K.I. Lynn
Release date: April 21, 2013
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic
Event organized by: CBL Book Tours
Buy Link: Amazon


Delilah Palmer has control of her life and outward personality, blocking the truth just below the surface. A fa├žade meant to be normal and hide the scars of her childhood. She’s made a good life for herself, became a lawyer, and is free from the tortured past that haunts her daily. Until he comes along and breaks open the cracks.

Nathan Thorne has a past of his own. On the surface he is loved by all, personable, extroverted; everything Delilah isn’t. Hidden beneath is a dark and tormented man that only Delilah has to power to unveil.

Crammed in a small office together they see through each other’s masks, and the draw becomes too much, igniting an explosive relationship. Holloway and Holloway Law has a strict non-fraternization policy, forcing them to conceal their breach. Despite their efforts, separation becomes impossible, deceptions escalate, and Nathan has trouble coping; teetering on the edge of being overtaken by his past demons.

What secrets does he harbor that could keep him from giving in? What keeps him from healing and moving forward? And Delilah, where does she fit into all this turmoil?

Can they accept love and deal with all the trials that come their way when secrets are exposed? Or will they fall through the cracks of their pasts and be consumed by all that haunts them?

 Author Bio: 

K.I. Lynn spent her life in the arts, everything from music to painting and ceramics, then to writing. Characters have always run around in her head, acting out their stories, but it wasn’t until later in life she would put them to pen. It would turn out to be the one thing she was really passionate about.

Since she began posting stories online, she’s garnered acclaim for her diverse stories and hard hitting writing style. Two stories and characters are never the same, her brain moving through different ideas faster than she can write them down as it also plots its quest for world domination…or cheese. Whichever is easier to obtain… Usually it’s cheese.

Covet Promo: Gone With The Wolf by Kristin Miller

Gone With The Wolf, Kristin Miller

CEO and alpha werewolf Drake Wilder has given up the search for his one true love. When he discovers that she’s a secretary in his company, Drake’s primal instincts kick into overdrive.
What he wouldn’t give to have her fingers rake over his body instead of the keyboard…
Free-spirited bartender Emelia Hudson wants nothing more than to make her Seattle-based bar succeed. But when profits decline, she slips into a dress suit and secures a nine-to-five. After learning that her bar has become property of Wilder Financial, Emelia is determined to get some answers.
Two can play the ruthless business game. If only her attraction to the boss wasn’t so intense…
When Drake’s twin brother senses that Drake has found his match—and now inherits their father’s billion dollar estate—he hatches a plan to take Emelia out. Drake vows to protect her at all costs, but he might have to pay with his own life.

Author info:
  Kristin Miller
I write dark and gritty paranormals for HarperCollins/Avon (INTERVAMPTION, VAMPED UP and LAST VAMP STANDING), fantasy/paranormals for Harlequin (CLAIMED BY DESIRE and FORBIDDEN BY FATE) and have dabbled in romantic suspense (DARK TIDE RISING). I've also ventured out on my own with ONE NIGHT TO REMEMBER, an erotic historical novella set on board the Titanic.
Amazon Author:

Paranormal romance has long been a genre grounded in heavy world-building and dark, tortured heroes. We love those traditional paranormals at Entangled and have an amazing selection under our Select and Edge imprints. Book series like Rosalie Lario’s Demons of InfernumTiffany Allee’s Files from the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency books, and Nina Croft’s brand new Order novels are just a few of Entangled's offerings.
But if there’s one thing we know about paranormal romance, it’s that it breaks rules. All kinds of rules. And that’s where the Covet imprint comes in. Covets are firmly grounded in the contemporary world, but each novel brings in supernatural twists, breaking the contemporary and paranormal rules, alike.
Covets have all the sexiness, emotion, and happily ever after that readers have come to expect and love from Entangled. With our launch this month, we’re bringing five titles to the forefront of this rule-breaking imprint. Greek gods, witches, demons, shifters, vampires … there’s something for everyone.
To find out more about our launch titles, chat with authors, participate in special events, and to find out what books you’ll be coveting next, visit the Entangled website, follow us on Twitter, and LIKE our Facebook page.  We have lots of exciting events coming up, and Round Two of our launch in May!
Take a look at the first Covets, and start adding to your TBR pile.

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New Covet line by Entangled Publishing.

Entangled Publishing is launching a new line of books that breaks all the rules. Covet Imprint will be Paranormal Romance that is set in Contemporary settings but will have all things Entangled Readers come to love. Below are the first five titles of Covet Imprint. We have Greek gods, Witches, Demons, Shifters and Vampires OH MY!! So go check them out!!

Gone With The Wolf, Kristin Miller

CEO and alpha werewolf Drake Wilder has given up the search for his one true love. When he discovers that she’s a secretary in his company, Drake’s primal instincts kick into overdrive.
What he wouldn’t give to have her fingers rake over his body instead of the keyboard…
Free-spirited bartender Emelia Hudson wants nothing more than to make her Seattle-based bar succeed. But when profits decline, she slips into a dress suit and secures a nine-to-five. After learning that her bar has become property of Wilder Financial, Emelia is determined to get some answers.
Two can play the ruthless business game. If only her attraction to the boss wasn’t so intense…
When Drake’s twin brother senses that Drake has found his match—and now inherits their father’s billion dollar estate—he hatches a plan to take Emelia out. Drake vows to protect her at all costs, but he might have to pay with his own life.

The Awakening: Aidan, Abby Niles

The Awakening-Aidan
Is the gift of eternal love a blessing or a curse?
After years of counseling grieving shifters, psychiatrist and half-shifter, Dr. Jaylin Avgar has become jaded on shifter mating. She wants to marry a human and forget about the love for eternity crap. Then she meets Aidan O’Connell, an infuriatingly laid back shifter who represents everything she doesn’t want. Yet, the more he pursues her, the more she craves a future with him. Only one thing stands in her way: death. Can she overcome her fear of losing Aidan to the one guarantee in life?
Millionaire consultant, Aidan O’Connell knows he’ll one day meet a woman who’ll awaken an unrelenting mating instinct. Unfortunately, that woman is Jaylin, who has no qualms about telling him that he and his so-called eternity can shove it. When she pushes him away, he takes a drastic step so she can no longer escape. The close proximity throws the instinct into overdrive. Can he control the need engrained in him until he’s certain she will reciprocate the bond, or will a moment of weakness doom him to hell on earth?

The Demon’s Song, Kendra Leigh Castle

Demon's Song
The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. At least, that’s how it seems to Sofia Rivera when her attempt to help a friend ends in a blood-soaked confrontation with creatures that aren’t even supposed to exist. With a group of rogue vampires determined not to leave a single witness to their violence hot on her heels, Sofia finds herself saddled with an immortal bodyguard—Phenex, the fallen Angel of Song.
While the vampire king roots out the corruption threatening to take down his underworld kingdom, Sofia will have to deal with a fallen angel whose dark beauty is often at odds with his ornery nature. Slowly, Sofia and Phenex give in to the strange attraction neither can deny. And as the darkness closes in around them, Phenex begins to wonder whether even the wickedest Fallen might find his own happy ending…and his heart.

 Tall, Dark, and Divine, Jenna Bennett
Tall, Dark, and Divine
Being the Greek god of love doesn’t mean you believe–or want–anything to do with that sappy emotion. Sure, Eros runs his matchmaking business, Made in Heaven, but finding his own love has never been part of the equation. When he spots the sweet baker who works across the street, he vows to match her with someone else before she stirs his sullen heart.
Annie Landon has given up on finding Mr. Right. What she needs is Mr. Right Here, Right Now, and this so-called “Greek God” she’s heard is on the rebound sounds like the perfect kind of distraction. But picking up the bitter workaholic is easier said than done…especially when he seems unreasonably determined to match her with someone else.
Can a woman looking for love—and the matchmaking god who wants her to find it with someone who isn’t him—have a shot at a happy ending? May the best god—or mortal—win.

 Deceiving the Witch Next Door, Melissa Bourbon Ramirez
Deceiving the Witch Next Door
Down-on-her-luck witch Storie Bell never thought the biggest threat to her future would be Reid Malone, the very man she’d run from years before. After striking it rich in Texas shale, he’s back in town, and he seems hell-bent on getting in the way of her bookstore’s grand opening. A witch trying to blend in in a small southern town is hard enough, but now he’s seriously testing her strict No Kissing Mortal Men policy. But even witches don’t have a spell for that.
Reid knows there’s much more to Storie than meets the eye. But right now he has only one mission: to infiltrate her shop so he can snatch the elusive secret ingredient to his father’s million-dollar moonshine recipe. Once he does, he can go back to the city and get out of his small hometown, a place in which he has no future.
But as the days go by, he can’t help falling for Storie in every way…and every encounter brings him closer to finding out what happens when you try to deceive a witch.

Find Out More About Covet Books

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Blog Tour - Undying Love by Nelle L'Amour

Hello everyone, Kelli here. Welcome to our stop on the Undying Love Blog Tour! A rich guy meets an average girl and it turns into more... well, let's see what this book is all about, shall we?

Title: Undying Love
Author: Nelle L'Amour
Release Date: April 19, 2013
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic
Event Organized by: Swoon Worthy Books

He is Ryan Madewell, a heart stoppingly handsome Harvard grad from one of Manhattan’s wealthiest families, who’s on his way to heading up his father’s media empire.

She is Allee Adair, a beautiful but sassy art school grad from the wrong side of the tracks, who dreams of living in Paris.

Despite their many differences, Ryan and Allee are instantly smitten with each other over a Picasso nude. They share a steamy, passionate love that dares to challenge everything --including Ryan’s ruthless father, his revengeful ex-girlfriend, and Allee’s dark secrets. Only, it may end too soon.

Here is an erotic love story that will make you laugh and cry. It will stay in your heart forever. Love means never having to say goodbye.

*****This 50,000-word novel is intended for mature readers only.*****

Book Excerpt:

Thirty minutes later, we stood facing each other in my candlelit bedroom. I thought fucking her would be fast and snappy, just like our first verbal encounter. But it was just the opposite. Slow. Methodical. Sensual. Allee gazed at me for a long while. I was about to make the first move when she softly said, “Madewell, I’m gonna undress you.” I didn't move a muscle as she expertly lifted my t-shirt over my head, unzipped my jeans, and pulled them down my long legs. She then slid down my boxers and let them fall to my feet. I stepped out of them, the jeans, and my sockless loafers. I was totally naked. Her eyes roved up and down my body, lingering on the hard pillar of flesh between my legs. Smiling, she ran her fingers down my muscular arms, slowing over my defined biceps. Seamlessly, she segued to my ass, outlining the curvature, and then down to my thighs until she could go no further without squatting. My skin tingled beneath the pads of her fingertips. Her touch was so soft, so sensual, so soothing. So the opposite of the caustic girl who had verbally challenged me the first time I’d met her at the Met. Perhaps this was the real Allee or, at least, a different side of her. She looked straight into my eyes. “Madewell, you have a nice body. It’s meant to be painted.”  “Thanks,” I mumbled, humbled by her unusual compliment. She was no bullshitter. Eager to see her in the nude, I reached for her blazer. She forcefully lowered my hand. “Let me,” she insisted. I had no choice as she shrugged the jacket off and let it tumble to the floor. I had to remember that she was very independent and somewhat of a control freak. For some reason, it was difficult for her to take things from me, be it money or a favor. “You can watch,” she said as she slowly unbuttoned her white blouse. With each button she undid, I felt myself getting hotter and hotter. At the same time, my dick was growing longer and thicker. By the third button, I could see a hint of her bra, and when she was done unbuttoning, she pulled the edges of her blouse apart, exposing her breasts in full view. Jesus! They were even more beautiful than I’d imagined. Firm and full, plumped up by the sexiest, lacy black bra I’d ever seen—the kind of bra that I least expected her to be wearing. Falling into the thick fold of her breasts was the single piece of jewelry she wore other than her watch—a gold locket on a chain. She proceeded to unfasten her pleated skirt and pull it down. My eyes grew wide. She was wearing a sexy red lace garter belt over skimpy, high-cut panties that matched her bra. Slowly, one by one, she unhooked each garter, letting her sheer stockings slither down her toned legs to her slender ankles. She gracefully stepped out of the skirt and then yanked off her sensible work shoes and the crumpled hose. She stood before me in the bra, garter, and panties that rose on the sides to make her already long, shapely legs look longer. Holy shit! Her body was beyond beautiful. Her creamy, unblemished skin shimmered in the candlelight, and I admired the curves and contours that made her deliciously womanly. Charlotte, in contrast, who still lingered in my mind, was a small-breasted, straight-as-an-arrow, stretched rubber band. Charlotte’s body always screamed, “Don’t touch.” Allee’s was screaming, “Take me all.” I wanted her. It took all my willpower to resist ravaging her when she loosened her ponytail, letting her dark, wavy mane cascade over her shoulders like a whimsical cape. She looked like she had escaped a Botticelli painting. She met my gaze. “How would you describe what you see in that crap magazine of yours?” For a writer, I was wordless. I was too shell-shocked to move my lips. Finally, I managed one word: “Hot.” Fucking hot! The corners of her lips curved into a sexy smirk. “Madewell, for a man of words, you surprise me. You could do better than that.” Her put-down actually turned me on. My fully erect cock twitched. I felt like a high-speed elevator going up as she slipped off her scanty undergarments and tossed them like a stripteaser across the room. My eyes never strayed from her nor did they blink. "Fuck me now, Madewell.”

My Thoughts:
The story of Ryan and Allee's love is quite different. Sure, it all sounds like it's been done before - rich guy falls in love with average but beautiful girl. We usually read from the female's POV and this time, we are in Ryan's head. I always like reading from the male POV in any story. For some reason, it's a little more fun. And this is definitely the case here. 
Rich guy, Ryan Madewell meets Allee Adair while looking for a unique painting at the MET. He instantly is attracted and Allee must feel the same. Thus begins their whirlwind courtship. I thought their romance was cute, though at times frustrating. Allee was holding back some secrets from Ryan and I kept guessing at what they could be. Eventually through minor context clues I figured out what both were. 
Both main characters were easy to like and I couldn't stand his ex. Ugh. There is quite some tension among several characters and I felt I was always waiting for a big fight scene. Undying Love has some lines that will make you laugh and moments that will just make you cry. Some of the words and phrases he uses are downright hysterical. The ending wasn't what I was expecting, but it's still executed well. I found it to be a cute, fun, and quick read. I will definitely be reading some more of Ms. L'Amour's work! 

Author Bio:
 Nelle L’Amour lives in Los Angeles with her Prince Charming-ish husband, twin teenage daughters, and a bevy of royal pain-in-the-butt pets. A former executive in the entertainment and toy industries, she gave up playing with Barbies a long time ago, but  still enjoys playing with toys…with her husband. While she writes in her PJ’s, she loves to get dressed up and pretend she’s Hollywood royalty. She aspires to write juicy stories with characters that will make you both laugh and cry and stay in your heart forever.

She is also the author of the erotic romance series, Seduced by the Park Avenue Billionaire. Writing under another pen name, she is the author of the highly rated fantasy/romance series, Dewitched: The Untold Story of the Evil Queen.

Nelle loves to hear from her readers.  Connect with her at:

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