Bikers Book List

Here is  running list of books with those "Sexy as Sin" Bikers we all love. This list is not for the bad boys that just ride Motorcycles but that actually live the MC lifestyle. Some of these are out now and some are coming soon. Please feel free to contact me if you find books that belong on this list!!
  1. Undeniable Series by 
  2. Reaper's MC Series  by 
  3. by 
  4. Trinity Falls Series by 
  5.  by 
  6. Riding the Line Series by 
  7. Biker Rockstar Series by 
  8. Triple M Series by 
  9. (Not Romance)
  10. (Not Romance)
  11.  by 


  1. The Soul Savers Series by Kristie Cook all have great motorcycle scenes. Tristan on a Harley... for more info :)


    1. Awesome!! Thank you very much. I will go look them up!!

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    1. No but it is funny as hell because I was just now adding it to the I seen it on a buddies Goodreads

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  4. These are a little older, but it was Jaci Burton's Wild Rider series that started my love for biker romances years ago... Im just so glad the rest of romance writers have felt the same lately. It is sort like Black Knights Inc series, but better!!!

  5. PS by old I mean like 4 years. I realized they might have sounded old and they are not. I cant say which one I like more because I kind of love them all. lol