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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Impossible by Laurel Ulen Curtis

Title: Impossible
Author: Laurel Ulen Curtis
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: June 24, 2013
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Veronica Russo chases storms, but runs from her past by staying firmly in the present. Unwilling to consider the possibility of a future, she’s checked out of life by using solitude and standoffishness as her armor and a sharp tongue and quick wit as her weapons.

Coleman Cade is a walking contradiction- just like his mismatched eyes. A rough and manly bull rider with a playful side. A ladies man with thousands of willing victims, but what he really wants is one woman. The right woman.

Will Roni be able to let go, move on, and find a way to fulfill her dream of having everything? Or will unsubstantiated choices and unresolved demons stand in the way of their happily ever after?

In order to overcome past tragedies and find true happiness- in order to have Everything- Roni needs to do one thing. Find the impossible.

*Explicit Language and Sexual Content

My first thought when reading the book description was “hmm a storm chaser and a bull rider, this could be interesting”. And it was- this book sucked me in from the beginning and went beyond all my expectations.
Roni has merely existed for the last 3 years; after suffering a horrific loss, she left behind everyone and everything that she knew, going solo as a storm chaser traveling throughout Tornado Alley and the surrounding areas. To survive each day, Roni has shut down her emotions and built the wall around her so high that all anyone sees is a bitchy cold woman if they try to get too close. After all, it won’t hurt to lose someone if you don’t let them in to begin with, right?

As she is driving through Huntsford, Kansas, she gets a blowout and a young man pulls over to help her change the tire- enter Coleman Cade Jr, better known as CJ. When her attempts to chase him off with her attitude fail, she reluctantly accepts his help. CJ is only fifteen but he is one heck of good looking cowboy.

His eyes were the coolest thing I had ever seen. One was a soft sky blue and the other was a green that was just a shade darker than mine. With his eyes right there, I couldn’t think of anything else to say, so I just blurted out the only words my brain had the ability to process. “You’re eyes are two different colors.” He chuckled and answered me, “They sure are. My name isn’t the only thing my dad passed down.” Holy Crap. “There are two of you with eyes like this?” I breathed. A smile took over his face as he confirmed, “Yes, ma’am.”

After CJ helps her, she leaves abruptly to continue on to the next storm location but finds herself back in Huntsford after an eventful chase in Alabama. As she is sitting in the only local restaurant waiting for her meal, CJ and his dad walk in the door- and Roni about swallows her tongue when she gets a good look at Coleman Cade the original.

I knew CJ had good genes. I did. I knew the moment I met him. But seeing his father in the flesh, it felt like I had had no idea. He was absolutely freaking beautiful. So. Attractive. It was as if the attractiveness radiated off of him with so much force that you wouldn’t even have to see him to know. Seriously. Blind nuns would find him attractive.”

As I was reading, I had to stop and remind myself several times that this dialogue was not written by Kristen Ashley, but rather by Ms Curtis; given how much I freakin’ love KA’s Rock Chicks and Hot Bunch alphas, that is in no way a bad thing and is meant as a compliment to the author! Roni had some great internal monologues running through her head, and Coleman DEFINITELY cranked up the alpha male, panty melting, dirty talking protector mode once he decided that he wanted to get to know her better- which happened right after their first interaction at the restaurant. He pursues her single-mindedly, he sees right through the tough talking exterior that she puts up for everyone, and he instinctively knows how to handle her. His nickname for her, Banty baby, cracks me up but it fits when he explains it.

You’re like a Banty Rooster, sweetheart. Tiny little thing, but you don’t hesitate to puff out your chest, lookin’ for a fight.”

Roni can’t understand why this beautiful man who has all kinds of “buckle bunnies” (essentially bull riding groupies) chasing him left and right wants her specifically, and Coleman’s explanation was perfect- direct, caring, and definitely alpha.

Because, my little Banty rooster, you challenge me when no one else will. You’re fuckin’ beautiful and have a hot little body, but you put absolutely zero effort into it. You’ve got a sweet side that you just barely let out, but when you do, I can tell it’s one hundred percent genuine. We’ve shared one kiss, and it turned me on more than all of the women I’ve been with in the last six months combined. And I’m talkin’ tits swingin’ in my face, dick buried deep inside these women. Your kiss did more.”

All 3 of the Cades, including Coleman’s mother Nan, start to break down her defenses without Roni realizing it and slowly she starts to remember how to live again. Every time she freaks out and tries to run, Coleman is right there to calm her and bring her back to earth.

I know you feel the same thing that I do, Roni. We’re gonna get there, I know we are. But there’s no way in hell I’m gonna go there before I know you won’t regret it in the morning. You run enough all on your own. No need for me to force you into it.”

Nan is a fantastic character- she is down to earth, insightful, says it like it is and doesn’t take crap from anyone. After CJ’s mother (dubbed the She-bitch Spawn of Satan by Roni) basically deserted him and Coleman once CJ was born, Nan helped Coleman raise him. She sees a lot that Roni doesn’t necessarily want her to see but doesn’t push or judge her.

At about the 80% mark of the book, Roni’s world is rocked by something she never expected and I certainly didn’t either. What does that mean for her and Coleman? Well you will have to check it out to find out! I really enjoyed this book and I am looking forward to reading CJ’s story in the future. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a few last quotes in case you haven’t decided to grab a copy of this story yet.

I used to know someone like you, Roni. And I think your real problem is that you do want this. You want to be loved and needed. You want someone to wait anxiously to see you, eyes filled with hope, just like CJ. You just don’t think you’re allowed to have it.”- Nan

You sound an awful lot like an asshole right now.” “Yeah. But you like it, right?” Shitdizzle. I did. I liked it. So help me, but he was one of those endearing assholes. The ones you loved to hate and hated to love, all at the same time.- Roni and Coleman

Did you take lessons on how to answer a woman’s questions? Because you’re really freaking good at it.” “Yes,” he responded. “Yes?” “My father taught me everything I know about interacting with a woman. Though, you probably shouldn’t mention that to Nan. There are a few of my interactions she’s not a fan of.”- Coleman and Roni

Coleman knew exactly what I needed. He made it easy to love him, and almost impossible not to.

Well- did you 1-click yet?

About the Author
Laurel Ulen Curtis is a 26 year old mother of one. She lives with her husband and son (and cat and two fish!) in New Jersey, but grew up all over the United States. She graduated from Rutgers University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, and puts that to almost no use other than forecasting for her friends! She has a passion for her family, laughing, and reading and writing Romance novels.

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