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Bring Me Home by Cassia Leo Release Day Blitz!

Welcome to our stop in the Release Day Blitz! I hope you all love this book as much as I did! 

Book Summary:
The breath-taking conclusion to the New York Times and USA Today bestselling series is expected to be released August 6, 2013.

"Sometimes letting someone go is the ultimate act of love."

Claire Nixon is a college student with a past full of secrets and heartbreak. She was saved once by her first love, and rock star, Chris Knight. But when she encouraged Chris to leave town to pursue his dreams, both Claire and Chris didn’t realize it would be the biggest mistake of their lives.

After a devastating year apart and thousands of miles of distance between them, Claire met sexy surfer Adam Parker. With his awful jokes and profound patience, he helped Claire pick up the shattered pieces of her broken heart for the second time.

But now Chris has returned and he is willing and determined to make Claire’s dreams come true—the same way she did for him when she let him go.

With Adam’s former girlfriend in the picture, Claire finds herself torn between the new, passionate love she shares with Adam and the love and family she shares with Chris.

Below you will find the next excerpt on your journey:


Rachel and I were never best friends. It was always understood that Jake was her best friend and Chris was mine. Sometimes we got along great and sometimes we tolerated each other. I don’t feel obligated to go to her birthday party, but the hurt look on her face makes me feel like I may be becoming too detached in my quest to find myself.
“I know you think you’re doing what’s best for you,” Rachel says, “but Chris is right, you need—” Jackie walks in and Rachel immediately stops speaking.
Jackie looks radiant as ever; her short, dark hair and makeup are impeccable. As I watch my foster mother approach me for a hug, I can’t help but hope that she will find someone to share her life with. She’s always putting everyone else’s needs before her own.
She holds her arms open and beckons me. “Bring it home.”
I wrap my arms around her curvy waist and nestle my face into her shoulder. Closing my eyes, I inhale the crisp, floral scent of her perfume. This is the scent I've come to associate with love. Just the idea of having Jackie back in my life again makes my throat ache.

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My Review:

To say that I was excited and impatient for this book's release is quite an understatement. This series has burrowed its way into my heart and ALWAYS been on my mind. The wait for closure was beyond intense. As most people know, I absolutely loved the first two books. Cassia has a way of writing that makes her characters so real, you can't help but feel as if you truly know them. Claire, the broken heroine dealing with her shattered past; Adam, that sexy surfer who wormed his way into her heart and helped her begin to heal; and Chris, the true love rocker that refuses to let her go. How would it all end? This is the question EVERYONE wanted to know. Thankfully, the wait for the answers are over.

Did I have a team? Absolutely. I realize this is ultimately Claire's story, but in telling it, we are introduced to these men and fall in love with one or both. It becomes their stories as well, because they are entwined with Claire to some degree. Chris and his mother were the only "REAL" home she had known since losing her mother. The loss of her child only added to her misery. When we meet her, the girl is beyond broken. In strolls Adam and he changes her life. Again. Both men have wonderful qualities and we could argue points all day. At the end of the day, it's Claire's choice. And regardless of who you prefer, it's been made - and in my opinion has been obvious for a long time.

Bring Me Home picks up shortly after Pieces of You ends. Claire is currently torn apart by the choice she faces, or is she? It's quite obvious where her heart lies early in the book, but it's just a matter of breaking things off with the other man. And when the scene comes, your heart will break. Even though it's expected, the blow isn't any easier to take. The good news, though? He gets his HEA, too.

The scene with Abby will both melt your heart and break it into pieces. The "what if's" set in and show us a glimpse of how things could have turned out had Claire made different choices. It's both beautiful and excruciatingly sad. 

So many things happen in Bring Me home and while some are expected, many will come as a complete surprise. It's an emotional roller coaster that you will breeze through in your quest to discover Claire's happiness once and for all. Cassia Leo has written a brilliant ending to a wonderful series. Regardless of which guy you preferred going in, I think most will realize that the guy Claire ends up with was the ONLY choice that made sense. So put on your reading shoes, grab your Kleenex (and alcoholic beverages, if that's your thing), and buckle up for an emotional road trip. I loved this book and love EVERY character involved. Cassia has nailed it once again and I'm proud to support her in this and future works.

Purchase links 

Relentless (Book 1) - Amazon (US) -  http://amzn.to/1755Zsl
                                 Amazon (UK) -  http://amzn.to/10l97In
                                 B&N -  http://bit.ly/YzROSK
                                 iTunes -  http://bit.ly/17lo6ZN

Pieces of You (Book 2) - Amazon (US) -  http://amzn.to/YY3IN3
                                       Amazon (UK) -  http://amzn.to/ZXOB4s
                                       B&N - http://bit.ly/10665Zd
                                       iTunes - http://bit.ly/ZPVLID

Bring Me Home (Book 3) - Amazon (US) - http://amzn.to/1cB2hbj
                                           Amazon (UK) - http://amzn.to/1924fT3
                                           Amazon (CA) - http://amzn.to/17soUJe
                                           B&N - http://bit.ly/bmhb-n
                                           iTunes - http://bit.ly/bmhitunes
                                           Kobo - http://bit.ly/bmhkobo

About the Author:

New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo loves her coffee, chocolate, and margaritas with salt. When she’s not writing, she spends way too much time watching old reruns of Friends and Sex and the City. When she’s not watching reruns, she’s usually enjoying the California sunshine or reading—sometimes both. Her favorite color is lavender and her dream is to one day score a record deal based on her awesome shower singing skills.

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