Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Blog Tour Review of Sharing Harper by V. Murphy

Sharing Harper
V. Murphy

A pain too hard to understand.

A struggle too deep to reach.

A love too complicated to work…but too intense to let go.

Harper Mae ran as far away as she could from her abusive past. She went to a different city and numbed her pain by using men, never sleeping with the same guy more than once.

Ryder worked at a coffee shop trying blend in with the rest of the world, desperately trying to live a normal life. After leaving a relationship and losing his family, he vowed never to fall in love again.

Until one day they are unexpectedly drawn to each other unable to let go.

Harper and Ryder’s turbulent relationship, two people who are struggling to find themselves, realize the answer lies within each other.

Secrets, so deep, that both have, end up surfacing causing irrevocable pain.

Will their love be strong enough to survive or will their pain be the downfall to their relationship?

Will Harper open up enough to share her past with Ryder or will he be just another number on her list?
Rating - 4 Stars
Cover - 4.5 Stars
Steam - 4 Stars
Ending - HEA

I was really excited to get to the opportunity to review this book as it was on my TBR list. I can’t wait to share what I thought.

“I suppose that’s just what you get when you're broken : A life of loneliness”

That quote sums up Harper in the beginning of this story. She is lonely and broken even though she has her best friend Skye. Harper and Skye met and became friends due to their mutual partying ways. They also were fighting their own demons.

Harper meets coffee shop guy who affects her in a way no other man has ever affected her but she blows him off out of fear. Then one night she dances with a mystery man on the dance floor at a club and is so affected by the guy until she sees a tat that makes her think that maybe he isn’t free. again she runs from the connection.
Eventually we meet Ryder the coffee shop guy(also club guy we later find out) and Harper takes 2 steps back every time Ryder takes one towards her, Ryder pursues her relentlessly and Harper finds her walls cracking and eventually begins to let him in. We find out about Harper’s demons as she reveals them to Ryder.

“I finally can admit. I am a survivor of domestic violence”

This is a moving and captivating tale of a young woman's recovery from domestic violence and the man who has problems of his own and is willing to be there for her no matter what. He shows her that there is hope in life. The sex scenes between Harper and Ryder are pretty steamy. I think one of my favorites is when the author talks about Ryder practically nose diving into her pussy. Who doesn’t want a man to want them that badly? Harper’s character was so well developed I became lost as I read feeling the emotions that Harper felt as the story progressed. This is a must read.

Her name is V. Murphy and she loves everything about reading (some may call her a bibliophile). She is a current graduate from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and heading out west to live the California dream while pursuing her masters degree in school counseling at the University of San Diego. You can find her writing in a Panera, small coffeeshop or on campus. When she is not spending her time in school or reading, she loves to write, bake and shop.

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