Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review of Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

This just proves that Travis Maddox is my ultimate fictional boyfriend. *sigh* Ever since the first (of 12) times I read Beautiful Disaster, I was beyond obsessed with the story. Yes, it was bad boy meets good girl in a way, but it was also so much more IMO. I devoured the story in a matter of hours and immediately recommended it to every reader friend I have. Now they all love it, too.

The story of Abby and Travis is quite beautiful and compelling. I wanted MORE. So when I found out we'd get the story from Travis's POV, I did a happy dance while squeeing like a 13 year old girl. That is just barely an exaggeration. This book could have been redundant and dull. Walking Disaster could have been the same book, slightly re-told, and boring. Guess what? It's not. At all. This was my most anticipated book of the year and I was not let down. I fell in love with Travis in Beautiful Disaster. Walking Disaster amplified my love by infinity. We not only get his view on happenings from the first story, we also get MORE. We get stuff we didn't previously know about. Several occasions in BD, I craved more Trav. All those scenes we missed before are here to satisfy our appetites. It feels like a backstage pass or behind the scenes peek. Travis is so much more complex than we know and FINALLY we see it all. The beautiful story I fell in love with the first time is even better now. Walking Disaster ties up the loose ends and creates a gorgeous and complete love story. Prepare yourself, however. Any emotion you thought you felt in BD is going to be bigger this time around. I laughed, I smiled (BIG), I frowned, I got angry, and I cried. I cried many times. Haters are gonna hate, but that's okay. It leaves more Travis for the rest of us. Thanks to Jamie McGuire for writing books that I will want to read over and over (as I have done already).

My favorite part of the book takes place during Abby's birthday bash:

Her expression turned serious. "In another life, I could love you."
I watched her for a moment, staring into her glassed-over eyes. She was drunk, but just for a moment it didn't seem wrong to pretend that she meant it.
"I might love you in this one."

Travis is uber swoon-worthy and as many of you know, the movie rights have been optioned. Who would you like to see as Travis Maddox?

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