Sunday, May 12, 2013

Review: Obsession by Shayne McClendon

This erotic romance contains explicit language, explicit sexual situations, and an explicit Ménage plot. Please do not read this book if these things offend you.

When Elliana Fields survives a brutal attack that almost kills her and her bodyguard, she feels a distance develop between the two of them that threatens to break her heart. She’s been in love with Hyde for years but knows she’s nothing more than a job to him.

She takes back her life, each choice healing and strengthening her in ways she doesn’t expect. 

An explosive secret is revealed as her past tries to destroy the peaceful life she wants so desperately and Ellie becomes determined to take a stand and go after what she wants.

My Review:

Rating – 4
Cover – 4 
Character Development - 4
Steam Factor – 4 – Doesn't start until around 50% but gets steamy
Favorite Char – Hyde ;)
Ending – HEA

This book was pretty different from normal erotica. It is a beautiful but heart wrenching story of survival full of emotions, twists & turns and shocking moments. It keeps your eyes glued to the pages until the very end which I am glad to say is very fulfilling. I gotta admit I didn't see some of the twists coming and I love that!! 

The story details Elliana Fields emotional journey after her and her bodyguard gets brutally attacked and left for dead. She tries to heal and take back her life with the help of her "family" but is faced with stumbling blocks along the way. I think one of my favorite things about this book is how strong Elliana is despite everything that happens to her. 

The secondary characters where also great. I loved how her family and their friends, even though they where rich, weren't the "stuck-up type". I also enjoyed Cameron and would love to see a story of him and Katie in the future.

This book was very well written and despite it being categorized Erotic it is sooo much more than that. She has a very different style and approach to erotic writing and I really enjoyed it. Shayne McClendon has made a new fan.

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