Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Undeclared by Jen Frederick Review

Title: Undeclared (Woodlands #1)
Author: Jen Fredericks
Release date: April 28, 2013
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance

Hey, it's Kelli! This is a just for fun review, since I did enjoy this book and felt like sharing. 

I absolutely love fighter stories. A bonus in this is that he is also a former Marine. There is something about a man in uniform (as most women know), and I have always been partial to the Marines. Noah Jackson is a whole lot of yum!

Grace and Noah wrote each other for 4 years, part of a high school requirement/project. They obviously continued long after the assignment was over and grew close. Once his deployment is over, he writes her what can only be described as a "Dear Jane" letter and breaks her heart. They lose touch for 2 years until she finally sees him on her college campus. And he has plans to win her back.

I thought this was a really cute story. Interspersed with the present narrative are some of the letters they wrote to each other. The letters were a lot of fun and I kind of wish there had been more. They do allow us to see him opening up to her, which was an important foundation of their relationship. I enjoyed watching them go through the awkwardness of meeting someone you had only before ever spoken through written word. VERY CUTE! And Grace is so shy and even a bit rough on herself, which I think a lot of women can identify with. Noah always seems like the hot, self-assured guy. Together, they manage to make sense.

There were a couple things I wish had been different or added. I know Bo was trying to protect Noah, but what exactly bothered him about Grace? I already mentioned that I'd have liked more letters from their pen pal exchanges. My one other "wish" was a bit of a different ending. Did Noah's plans go through? Is he still planning to fight? Hopefully we'll see more of these two in the other books and things will get cleared up.

Undeclared is defintitely an easy read. It's entertaining. The sex scenes aren't overly explicit, which is a welcome change from some of the overdone ones I've been reading. A solid book that I look forward to seeing more from its characters in the future.

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