Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Real Ugly by C.M. Stunich

Turner Campbell is an asshole.
I f*cking hate him.
But I can't get enough either.
He sings like an angel and f*cks like a devil.
If I could, I'd run away and never look back because to tell you the truth, I think this man might be the death of me.


Naomi Knox is a bitch.
I can't f*cking stand her.
But I can't stop thinking about her either.
She looks like an angel and plays like a devil.
If I could, I'd f*ck her good and forget all about her, but to tell you the truth, I think this woman might be my last saving grace.

Rating – 4.5 Stars!!
Cover – 5 ROCKIN SEXY Stars!!
WOW Factor - 4.5 stars
Steam Factor – 4.5 stars 
Ending – WTF Cliffhanger...lol!!

Wow this book was hard core Sex, Drugs & Rock-N-Roll and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it!! This book was Raw & Real with a whole lot of SEXY!! Naomi and Turner can't stand each other but despite their loathing for one another the chemistry between them is off the charts and they don't know how to handle it.

“Life is real, and it's ugly, and it hurts. I've only ever loved three things in my life, and none of them worked out for me.”

Turner is the a lead singer of the rock group Indecency. He is the epitome of a Rockstar living the life full of music, all the women you could want and drug everywhere you turn. But despite all that after bumping into Naomi he can't get her out of his head.

"Who the fuck does she think she is? She joins my tour, disrespects me, turns my life upside down, and then proceeds to fuck with me. Bitch has a lot of nerve. But I'm still interested."

Naomi is the lead guitarist in the rock band Amatory Riot which is touring with Indecency. She is damaged with secrets buried so deep that she uses the drugs & parting as a way to numb herself. She knows Turner is trouble and tries her best to stay away but the pull is almost to strong to resist. 

"My birth parents, whoever the shit they were, fucked me; my adoptive parents screwed me; the foster system destroyed me. And Turner? He was just icing on the friggin' cake, baby." 

Damn this book was messy, chaotic, shocking, sexy, fucked-up and amazing all in one creative mind boggling story. Secrets come out and shit happens that leave you on the edge of your seat with your mouth hanging open thinking WTF? It was an amazing ride and I can't wait until it is time to get back on..lol Give me MORE C.M. Stunich you bad bad girl you..lol 

*Copy provided by author as an exchange for honest review*
Official Webpage: http://cmstunich.com

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