Friday, June 21, 2013

Cover Reveal: Shattered Dreams by J.R. Grant

Shattered Dreams
New Adult Romance 

Her entire life, Clover has always been a strong-willed girl, determined to make something of herself. When she dreams, she dreams big. And when she loves, she loves fiercely, with her whole heart. 
Ben is a stereotypical type guy from the wrong side of the tracks. Growing up, he had to learn to fend for himself which hasn't always been easy. 
Together, Ben and Clover make plans for their future. Their love is unbreakable and no one can stop them no matter how hard they try. 
But not too long after their big day, lies and secrets are exposed. 
The kind of lies that will destroy your life. 
The kind of secrets that will rip your heart out and force you to lose all trust and hope with anyone who crosses your path. 
But what happens when the love of your life is not who you thought they were? 
Do you stay and try to move forward? Or do you let go of everything you thought you once had? 
Loving someone is not always easy. 
But one thing you will learn in life is 'You can never make someone love you, no matter how hard you try' .
Thank you all so much for your help!!! If you have any questions please feel free to let me know!

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