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Emerge by S.E. Hall Blog Tour

Hello and welcome to our stop on the Emerge Blog Tour! It's me, Kelli, and this book absolutely blew me away. I was so excited to be a part of this!!

Title: Emerge
Author: S.E. Hall
Genre: New Adult (MA +17)

Book description:

Emerge is Laney Walker's story; an 18 yr old quick witted, athletic, southern girl who lets few get too close and uses her sarcastic zingers to deflect most situations. This is her coming of age journey...starting at a new college, with a new softball team and a quirky roommate, all while living in a co-ed dorm.
One night.  Dane Kendrick.
It changes all which she thought she knew and awakens something, someone, within her that she didn't know existed.

A tale of friendship, loyalty, first love, primal love

My Review

This book sucked me in, chewed me up, and spit me out in a matter of hours.

Emerge is the story of Laney and Evan. Best friends since kids, are everything to each other, and can't imagine being apart. Evan and her dad are all Laney has had since her mother left when she was young. We see them as best friends and then finally, as two who realize they can be and want more. This discovery is shattered when Laney isn't accepted into their college of choice. About to be separated my miles instead of feet, they decide that it's important to remain friends, but with every hope and intention of ending up together. Once Laney gets to college, she begins meeting new people and making new friends. She is immediately drawn to the sexy Dane Kendrick. Now she's torn as to who/what she wants.

Okay, I want to start this off by saying how deceptive this cover is. Just looking at it you probably think it's a paranormal story. Nope. It's an adorable coming of age tale but more than that, it's a girl caught between two men and two kinds of love. I loved Laney! She's a quiet, shy, athletic girl who loves Disney movies. She reminds me a lot of myself at that age. She has very few close friends and is absolutely refreshing to read about. And Evan... Oh, Evan Mitchell Allen!! That sexy man burrowed into my heart and refuses to leave. The star football player who falls in love with his best friend. Is there anything sweeter? Not really. He's absolutely adorable in every way. And his relationship with Laney was beautiful to watch. Then there's Dane. Sexy, hot and a little bit of mystery. We don't learn much about him in the beginning, but there is much to infer. The blaringly obvious is he is extremely wealthy. Oh yeah, and he can play the guitar. And the piano. Damn. I loved him too! I didn't envy Laney having to choose between the two. This is probably the first love triangle where it took me awhile to figure out who I wanted the girl to choose. I went back and forth depending on who she was with in the story. Both are sweet and have their own strengths and drawbacks. I loved the way Evan asked her to prom. I loved what Dane did for her birthday. But certain things just meant more coming from one of the guys (and the only reason I'm not saying which is because by the last 25%, I made my choice and by the end of the review, it would spoil the ending). That's just my opinion.

Evan: "I am yours, always have been, always will be."

Dane: "Last chance, Disney. Once I get a taste, I'm coming after you with everything I've got."

Seriously, I can't even imagine having these two "fight" over me. But eventually, I'd have made a choice - though mine would've been opposite hers.

This book and its events all come down to one *MAJOR* catastrophic event. Had it not been for this act of betrayal, EVERY damn thing would have been different and I'd have gotten the HEA I wanted. And yes, I'm pouting. It's not often I read a book and feel I got the wrong ending. I knew the very moment that Laney had made her choice, even if she hadn't. I still held out hope that my man would win, though. S.E. Hall made me love two boys, but one of those two just wouldn't let me go. The ending absolutely squeezed my heart until all I felt was the pain of our shattered hopes. The gesture at the end had my heart racing and them plummeting. I was in tears for my man!!! And it's been awhile since I cried over a heartbreak in a book. My stomach was in knots and I couldn't see past the blur of tears in my eyes. I just hope he gets a happy ending now (even though I'm bummed it's not with Laney) because that was a craptastic way to find out you are being left behind.

Emerge was brilliantly beautiful. It's got a little of everything - romance, humor, drama, and even a few suspenseful twists I didn't see coming. I adored this one, folks.

About the author:
S.E.Hall resides in Arkansas with her husband of 17 years and 3 beautiful daughters. When not in the stands watching her ladies play softball, she enjoys reading YA and NA romance.

Twitter: @emergeauthor

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