Saturday, June 8, 2013

Guest Review of Emerald by Kasey Millstead!

Hello everyone!! Today we have Guest Reviewer Miranda here from Mommy's a Book (W)hore!! She will be reviewing Emerald by Kasey Millstead today but keep an eye out for more reviews from her in the future. So help me welcome Miranda to Alphas Authors & Books Oh My!

Title: Emerald (Steele Investigations #2)
Author: Kasey Milstead
Genre: Erotic Romance / Contemporary Romance
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Review of Emerald by Kasey Millstead
Book provided by author for honest review.
No spoiler review!

This is book two of the Steele Investigations series, I really enjoyed the storyline for Sapphire (book one). Kasey did a really good job creating characters that were easy to love… in Emerald she did not disappoint with the quality, personality, and strength she puts into her characters. The relationships between all of the characters are easy to follow and for the most part quite realistic. It’s refreshing to read a book that has the kind of people you would want to be friends with filling the pages. Kudos to Kasey for pulling this off in both books!

This book is full of emotional turmoil and deals with some pretty hard hitting issues that could be hard for some survivors to read. One thing I love about the way Kasey wrote the details of how Jemma deals with survival is that it is real. She doesn’t pull the punches, she doesn’t candy coat it so it’s easier to deal with, no, she leaves it raw and painful. You feel everything Jemma feels. I rarely find a character that I can connect with in a book… but this one I think a lot of people will understand and root for her to find her HEA. 

Obviously, there is some serious man candy in this book… another Steele brother; Travis. He is rough around the edges, blunt, and has a drool worthy body. These Steele boys could use their own shelf for their BBFness. ;) 

I was super happy to see my favorite characters from book one make appearances throughout book two.. I LOVE when an author is able to write in a way that the main characters in book one seamlessly slip into the supporting roles for the next books in the series. They don’t feel any less important than they did in book one, but it’s clear the focus is on the new characters. Perfection. I would give this book a solid 4 stars!
I would have given this book 4.5 stars, but having the story based in the States with a lot of references to things being incorrect swayed my rating a smidge. The story is strong, but it really needed to have the correct terms for things based on where the characters are from… had they been characters who MOVED to the States from abroad it would have been forgivable.. But not the case with this one. For example “shelf” instead of cabinet or counter. I know it’s nit-picky, but it takes away from the All-American feel of the characters and that takes away from the story to a degree. 


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