Tuesday, June 25, 2013

HIM by Carey Heywood Review


Title: HIM
Author: Carey Heywood
Release date: June 21, 2013
Genre: New Adult / Contemporary Romance

I've been SO excited to read Him and I'm thankful to Carey for the ARC in exchange for a review.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for a story that involves two best friends falling in love. And for some reason, I love it even more when they lose that love and meet up again years later. All the pain and angst just makes for a great story.

Sarah and Will have been best friends since seventh grade when they were assigned to do an English project together. Once it was completed, they hung out every day. She's been in love with him since. She also knows/thinks that he could never feel the same. Sarah is also wrong. They date briefly in high school before he crushes her heart. There is no way for Sarah to deal, so she takes off and doesn't speak to him. They have no contact for seven years.

I absolutely LOVE stories that flip back and forth between past and present events. It gives a feeling of re-living parts of their lives we didn't see. Carey Heywood executed this style flawlessly. There is no confusion and I found myself in a craze whenever she'd cut off the past scenes to bring us back to the now.

It was easy to see why Sarah fell in love with Will. The characters are brilliantly developed. I could/would have been friends with Sarah. She was the tomboy that was more middle class. Her wardrobe consisted mainly of jeans and t-shirts which is what I always dressed in. She is easy to relate to and extremely likable. You feel her emotions as if they're your own. Then, there is Will. Will there ever be an end to great guys in books? He was the popular, attractive, amazing and awesome guy that every girl wanted, Sarah included. Except he was always dating someone else. He is adorably sweet and protective of Sarah. His looks and his actions will make you see why she never risked letting her feelings known. I can (almost) understand not wanting to lose him as a friend over the chance of more. Their interactions were so cute and it's obvious to us that they feel the same about each other. I wanted to jump into the book and knock sense into them both. When they finally took the plunge, I was ecstatic. I knew from the description some heartache was coming, and while reading, I thought I was clued in as to what caused it. This is where the timeline jumps make things so much more awesome. Just when you're about to find out a piece of the past, you're thrown to the present time and have to wait. I enjoyed that Heywood didn't drag out their reunion the way it could have been. It was early on and unexpected. I felt EVERYTHING once she saw him again. From that point on, you just want to know why and how they stayed apart. And through the magic of book time machines, we get all those answers. Some sooner than others.

I absolutely devoured this book. I found myself unable to put it down until it was finished. I needed to know what happened! Why did she run away? Why didn't he find her? Are they going to get back together??? This is absolutely a book I could read over and over. Him turned out to be all I wanted and more. I now look forward to reading Her!

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